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Network security via real-time behavioural analysis.


Billions of dollars are lost each year due to network attacks and account compromises. Current network security solutions have proven useless against the most basic attack vectors: session hijacking and account takover.

33BIT's state of the art Metarithmic Wall uses biometric and meta-data analysis to validate the persona of the end user of any network system. Are they who they say they are? Does their password match but their behavior differ? 33BIT's real-time analysis will allert your on-premise or cloud system to a possible breach in less than 8 milliseconds.


33BIT's unique ability to identify if a real human being is on the other end of the network connection allows us to effectively eliminate bad bots. This includes bots programmed for impersonation, denial-of-service, and scraping.


Yahoo's breach of half a billion passwords is one of many. Once your user's password is compromised a fleet of bots from around the world start probing for other systems to login to. 33BIT's meta-data and biometric analysis will make it impossible for someone to steal your user's passwords and still login to your application or site.


Unlike many systems that rely on post-mortem analysis to detect attacks, 33BIT works in real time--preventing the attack before it happens.

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